Guolin Ke

DP Technology
guolin.ke (at) outlook.com

About Me

Guolin Ke is currently the head of Machine Learning Group at DP Technology, working on AI for Science. Previously, he was a Senior Researcher at the Machine Learning Group at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), where he focused on the development of high-performance machine learning algorithms and large-scale pretrained language models.

Guolin’s current research focuses on using AI for Science, specifically large-scale representation learning for molecules, 3D geometry learning, 3D molecular generation, protein structure prediction, and more. His goal is to accelerate the development of science through machine learning. If you are interested in joining his team, please email your CV to him.

During his academic career, Guolin won several machine learning competitions, including the first place (1M CNY) in the 1st Alibaba (Tmall) Big Data Competition (2014) and the first place (100K USD) in the 1st Didi Algorithm Competition (2016). In 2016, he created LightGBM, one of the most popular GBDT tools, during his internship at MSRA. It has received ~15K stars in GitHub and 220M+ total downloads. In 2021, he led the development of Graphormer, which won the 1st place of the quantum prediction track of Open Graph Benchmark Large-Scale Challenge (KDD CUP 2021) and the 1st place of Open Catalyst Challenge (NeurIPS 2021). In 2021 & 2022, he led the development of Uni-Fold, the first AlphaFold reimplementation, with open-sourced training codes and full training dataset.



The entire list is available at Google Scholar.